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Sunflowers are my favorite flowers. Even if you have never seen one, you could still guess its name.

The sunflower follows its true love all day long. When the sun rises in the east, the sunflower leans in that direction. Then as the sun crosses the sky on the westward course, the sunflower follows it by tilting toward the light. By sunset the flower faces west, faithfully gathering the last warm rays of its beloved sun. Here is a flower that loves the sun so much that it even looks like the sun.

In the summer of 200l, A Basket Case started at Magnolia Marketplace in Cary, North Carolina. The business started several years before as a hobby. I did several baskets for an open house and invited my friends to come. I enjoyed the open house so much, and the preparation for it that I started my own basket business. I participate in craft fairs, and prepare gift baskets for speakers at conferences.

I want to be like the sunflower in the way I conduct my business, and follow my true love, Christ Jesus in everything I do.

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